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We offer global solutions to help real estate and infrastructure companies on their way to decarbonization and sustainability.

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ESG consulting services and solutions

We provide value throughout the entire life cycle of real estate assets.

Asset optimization

Drive your sustainability commitments with customized ESG support and set goals that align with your mission, identifying risks and opportunities and acting on them.

Implement various ESG strategies that engage stakeholders, improve operations and attract investors.

Reporting, communication and compliance

Strategically analyze and prioritize the most important ESG frameworks for your organization.

Manage projects so that they generate the greatest impact on your operations, monitoring their evolution and results.


Increase the value of your assets, attract the best tenants and show your commitment to sustainability through services that allow you to maximize the performance of your properties, obtain the most important sustainability certifications and the best ratings among your peers.


Ineria management

Real estate is a complex and constantly changing industry.

Our purpose is to increase profitability through specialized and innovative services.

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Nuevas Oficinas De Ineria En Madrid

New Ineria Offices In Madrid

We continue to grow! We have moved to our new offices at 2 Cochabamba Street in Madrid. We are committed to the health and well-being of the people in our team: natural lighting and ventilation, "green" exterior views, biophilic design, flexible spaces and...

Evora Global e Ineria Managment


ESG and sustainability in real estate in Europe has received a boost following the announcement of the strategic alliance between EVORA and INERIA. INERIA Management is pleased to announce its partnership with EVORA Global, a leading professional real estate...

ESG Audits In Real Estate Assets, What Are They?

The real estate sector, impacted by new consumer habits, demographic and social changes and a greater awareness of the need to take care of the planet, is going through a new era in which sustainability is key. Thus, the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)...

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